LittleJohn Park Rec. Bldg. Restoration Project Re-bid

Furnishing all labor, tools, equipment, materials, except as herein specified; and performing all work associated with the full interior and exterior restoration of the arson-fire damaged 1976-circa single story story 1,265 sf CMU-framed Recreation Building project as contained in the Construction Documents and as generally described below: The restoration of approximately 1,265 sf of interior space, plus associated Restroom and Support spaces, as well as the complete replacement of the roof and ceiling system and storage on the west side of the building. Additionally, facade repairs, window and glazing replacement, new appliances, casework, finishes, new HVAC system (w/ single-source BiPolar Ionization units incorporated as Bid Alternate No. 1) and electrical distribution scope - including Wi-Fi/Internet access (as Bid Alternate No. 2) - are incorporated into the project.
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